10 Things You Must Do When You are Holidaying in Goa

10 Things You Must Do When You are Holidaying in Goa

10 Things You Must Do When You are Holidaying in Goa
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Goa is the smallest state in India and its capital is Panaji. The western coast of Goa has the Arabian Sea. This attracts millions of tourists every year from India and abroad. Goa is famous for its beautiful architectural designs and standard of living. People come here to enjoy the magnificent beaches and lofty waves. Temples, churches, mosques and wildlife sanctuaries are great sources of entertainment for Goan tourists. Goa has a fusion of eastern and western culture. There are various species of flora and fauna which people don’t stop admiring. The Goan cuisine consists of fish dishes. The pleasant atmosphere makes you forget everything. It drags your attention towards the beauty of the place. The various festivals and celebrations in Goa make your trip worthwhile. Here are ten things which will make your holiday in Goa adventurous and fun-loving:

1Old Goa

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Old Goa is a world heritage centre in Goa depicting the history, culture and spirituality of the place. The place is famous for churches like Se Cathedral, the Church of St.Caetano and the Basilica of Born Jesus. Other tourist attractions in the place are convents, museums and well-preserved buildings which portray the history of Goa. Famous museums include Wax World Museum, Archeological Museum and Musem of Christian Art. You would love to spend an entire day in exploring the interesting city.


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The captivating beaches in Goa are the main tourist attractions. Goan Beaches are famous for golden sand, lofty waves, deep blue sea and appetising food. Every single beach in Goa is unique and beautiful in its own way. You can visit around 30 beautiful beaches in Goa. Some of the exotic beaches are Querim Beach, Arambol Beach, Mandrem Beach, Morjim Beach and Chapora Beach. You can dine, party, have a picnic, relax, shop, enjoy a nightlife, etc in the enchanting beaches.


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The markets in Goa depict the lifestyle and culture of the place. There are many shopping malls and street markets. Goa is known for its street markets and night markets. From dresses and handicrafts to show pieces and jewellery, the street markets contain lots of items. Some of the fine places to shop are Mapusa Market, Anjuna Flea Market, Saturday Night Bazaar at Arpora, Mackie’s Night Bazaar, etc. The markets also have a good deal of food corners and refreshments stalls.


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Goa has a rich history and fusion of cultures. The design of the Goan temples is simple but beautiful. People come here to pray and analyse the culture of the place. Prayer services, ceremonies and various festivals take place in the temple. Some of the famous temples in Goa are Brahma Temple, Mahadev Temple, Shanta Durga Temple, Shri Bhagwati Temple, etc. Shanta Durga Temple is the most famous temple.


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Goa is the party capital of India and is famous for its nightlife. Owing to these there are many clubs in Goa. People choose the clubs as per their tastes and preferences. Clubs provide cocktails, mocktails, food, casinos, music, dance, etc. After watching the sunset in the beautiful city you can prepare yourself for a thrilling experience in Goa’s nightclubs. Some nightclubs that people love to enjoy are Club Cubana, Cafe Mambos, Cocktails and Dreams, Tito’s Nightclub, etc. Club Cubana is the most famous among them.

6Dudhsagar Falls

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The falls are formed from the River Mandovi which is Goa’s main river. The water falls through the vertical slope of the mountain. It is very attractive during the monsoon season. Tourists come here all year round. Dudhsagar means ‘sea of milk’.The waterfall is located in San guem Taluka. River Mandovi originates from the Deccan Plateau in Karnataka. The river falls from the highest peaks of the mountain after passing through the ghats. This forms the Dudhsagar Falls. The water falls from a height of 1,017 feet and is 100 feet in width. The falling waters forms a lake at the base and this water later joins the Arabian Sea. The local name of the waterfall is Tambdi Surla. Here, people enjoy camping, trekking and picnic.

7Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

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Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is located on Chorao Island in Goa along Mandovi River. The sanctuary covers an area of 440 acres. Rare and different species of local and international birds are found here. A large part of the sanctuary is covered by mangrove forests. The sanctuary got its name from Salim Ali, the famous Indian Ornithologist. A one hour boat ride with the guide will provide you with enough information about the place. Apart from birds, there are flying foxes, jackals and crocodiles. The sanctuary has a watchtower to better view the birds. Some of the bird species found here are egrets, herons, eagles, woodpeckers, mynahs, etc.

8Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

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Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Ponda Taluka, Goa. The total area of the wildlife sanctuary is 8 square kilometres. The sanctuary provides habitat to endangered leopards, bears, cobras, etc. Two elephants provide rides to the tourists. It is an attractive place for children since they love watching animals. There are tigers, crocodiles, bears, deer, boars, squirrels, etc. which children enjoy seeing. The sanctuary provides a pleasant view of nature and animals. The sanctuary is not open on Thursdays. Beautiful parks and gardens provide a refreshing view. Deciduous forests cover a large part of the area. Gaur, the most famous animal in Goa is often seen in the sanctuary.

9Reis Magos Fort

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Reis Magos is the name of a village located on the banks of River Mandovi. A great tourist attraction of the place is the Reis Magos Fort. Before a fort, the monument has been a defence fortress, jail and hospital. The monument was deserted in 1993. It was restored by The Helen Hamlyn Trust in partnership with the Goan Government. The fort was opened for public on the 5th of June, 2012 and is owned by the government of Goa. The fort serves a great example of the Portuguese architecture. It highlights greatness and brilliance. The fort is built with laterite rock and has a water spring meeting the daily requirements.

10Cafe Chocolatti in Candolim

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Cafe Chocolatti is located on the Fort Aguada Road. A couple runs the cafe. It is a splendid cafe with a fresh and serene ambience. The cafe offers coffee, brownies, sandwiches, breakfast, tea, home made chocolate, etc. Here, one can enjoy his meal in peace and delight.