Beautiful wedding dresses of different regions of our Country

Beautiful wedding dresses of different regions of our Country


India is a land of cultures and traditions where you’ll find different caste people living in different states and following different religions. India is the only country where the people of every religion resides in different cities of it and follow the rules and cultures of that place and adopted it just like as it they were following it from many years. There is no discrimination among the people related to their caste and the brotherhood can be seen everywhere which spreads the message of being togetherness. If you want to know their traditions keenly, you have to connect with them by becoming a party of their wedding. One thing which will assist you to understand their culture is their dress. Not the casual dress but the Wedding dress.

As the fashion is changing with a pace the mentality of the people also impacted a lot with it. Many thought that the latest fashion has changing the perception of the people whereas few are there who thinks it’s changing the way people look others. Well, it’s true to some extent and you shouldn’t get dominated by the fashion completely. Apart from that there is still the old fashion in trend or I must say the tradition is still alive among the people who follow it at their wedding.

Here I would like to drag your attention towards some of the best wedding dresses worn at the time of wedding that will help you to analyze about different religions.

1Bengali Wedding

Bengali culture is one of the finest cultures that different caste people love it. The way they talk, the way to dress and the best part is their cuisines. But if I talk about their wedding dress you can simply distinguish them from others as their outfit is so catchy that will compel you to say ‘What a decent attire it is’ which shows their beauty in it.
Men’s wear Dhoti and Pajama at their wedding whereas Girls wear typical Red saree which speaks about their culture by its own. Their tradition is so beautiful that you can’t stop yourself from joining them and to celebrate their every occasion blissfully

2Bihari Wedding

If you move towards East you’ll find popular Bihari Bhaiyas who are known by their talking style and their outfits. Even the festivals, weddings, songs and their costumes are presenting the true image of their culture. The traditional outfit at their wedding is simply dhoti for men and yellow saree for women. The western culture has affected a lot in their dressing style but still, it can’t remove the traditional wear of the Bihari’s which speaks about their tradition & culture.

3Assamese Wedding

Assamese culture is very similar to Bengali’s. The dressing style of Assam people would catch your attention at the instant only. Mostly the ladies of Assam use to wear the motif rich mekhela chadar which is usually a two-piece garment made up of either paat or muga. But their traditional wedding wear is different which consists of saree were different work style has been made on it i.e. embroidery work, stone work, zari work & small pieces of mirror attached to it. Somewhere lehengas also preferred the most these days. Mekhla Chadar is worn by the grooms of Assam which shows how attractive the Assamese weddings are.

4Maharashtrian Wedding

If you been to Maharashtra you might have noticed their traditional dress. They wear it differently and this is what special about it. The 9-yard saree which they wear it like the dhotis of Bengali give them a perfect look for their wedding. The combo of White Kurta and Orange Dhoti or the Purple Dhoti and Gold Kurta gives the man a traditional Marathi look. One can easily judge their religion by viewing the attire. They are simple and attractive.

5Rajasthani Wedding

The soberness can be seen in the dressing of Rajasthani people. If you get a visit to their wedding you’ll probably find that the women were wearing a long skirt like Ghagra and Choli or Kurti with a designer Odhni. The Ghagra reaches to the lower bottom of the ankle and the Odhni always over their head which hides their face. The men’s wear consists of a Sherwani which speaks about their boldness and enhances their charm at their wedding.

6Gujarati Wedding

Have you been to Gujarat anytime? The tradition and the dresses of Gujarati people will compel you to complement about. The Chaniya Choli is their traditional dress but their wedding dress is little different from it. They use to wear Panetar saree of different colors like white, red or green. The main difference with which you can differentiate them from others is their way of wearing saree at their wedding. Mostly the Indian ladies drape the pallu in their back side but the Gujarati ladies drape it in their front side. Gharchola is the saree which the brides mostly wear in their wedding.

7Christian Wedding

The simplest wedding is Christian wedding. They use to do marriage at Church. The bride use to wear a white color long gown whereas the groom uses to wear simple Suit which gives them a typical formal look at their wedding

8Muslim Wedding

Wedding in Muslim use to call as Nikah in Urdu. It has huge importance in Islam religion. The traditional dress of women in Muslim is Salwar Kurta with Burkha covered all over it but there is a difference in their dressing in their wedding which compels others to complement it. The long Red color Salwar Kurta with shining mirrors in it helps the bride to look more attractive while the dark black color suit gives an elegant look the groom in his weeding. Mostly they stitch their wedding dresses from popular shops but nowadays you can get it from the popular shopping malls as well which helps you to choose one from the options available in it

9Sikh Wedding

Sikh marriages are not like Hindu marriages where they show off usually. They maintain the decency by doing marriage at their Gurudwara’s followed by a log rituals for one week. Bride in Sikh use to wear long lehengas with blouse at the top & chunni at their overheard that too of the same color whereas groom love to wear designer Sherwani with a Sword (kripan) at one hand and a turban over their head.

10Telugu Wedding

It has resemblance with Hindu and Tamil Wedding. The bride and groom have to follow lots of rituals which come in their tradition from a long time. A nice atmosphere is created in Telugu Wedding where the groom dressed in a White Dhoti and Kurta and the bride wears a Yellow colored saree which speaks about their tradition highly.

11Tamil Brahman Wedding

Tamilians are very simple and they use to follow their traditions very hardly. They don’t believe in the showing off as other weddings. One can find out a Tamil bride and groom by viewing their attire easily. A bridal wedding dress is simple White Saree and the color of the grooms Dhoti is same as that of brides outfit. They look simple but the way they present themselves is very attractive.

12Keralian Wedding

If you visit a marriage in Kerala, you will become a fan of them. Their wedding is very different from others. The bridal dress is a costly silk saree where they add lots of gold in the get up whereas the groom dress in simple Dhoti and a shirt which differentiate them from others. Their tradition shows how beautifully they manage all things by following their culture. As their wedding dress is very expensive, many are there who use to rent it. Now, the wedding dress on rent is in trend among the people which they can get it easily from a free rental classified site.

13Parsi Wedding

Like other marriages, Parsi wedding is also interesting and you’ll have full enjoyment rather than they are celebrating it in a simple manner. They also follow lots of rituals same as other tradition and culture of different religions. The groom attains an outfit of White Kurta and trouser with a brown hat over their head. The bride looks pretty in a white color fish net saree which adds an extra charm to her look at the wedding.

A lot more to include in it but with the specific data and the right images I will be returning back to you and provide you some more details about the weddings of other regions as well.