Five clever tips for budget marriage in this Demonetization time in India

Five clever tips for budget marriage in this Demonetization time in India

Tips for Budget weeding

At the current stage of demonetization of currency the whole country is facing a gargantuan problem in exchanging their money, yet the people are satisfied with the decision as it helping in curbing the black money to make India a corruption free country. The impact of this is positive somewhere, but it adversely affected the people who are about to tie in the knot of wedding. As the withdrawal amount has been confined by the RBI, some families are facing huge intricacy in celebrating the marriage of their daughter’s or son’s as they are wishing. However, the rules have been employed to lessen their hassle to some extent, but it doesn’t fulfill their needs. To minimize the hassle & to fulfill the requirements of a wedding, people has been introduced with a rental classified site to help them in fulfilling their needs. This introduction can abet them in restraining their budget & to plan a wedding as they’re wishing.

From wedding dress to the cuisines & party hall to wedding cards, all could augment your budget if not taken them seriously. As the pricing of commodities are mounting & the income is not looming at the same ratio, a budget wedding must be planned that could save you from going into debt. But, have you planned for it? Or you want to forfeit some of your dreams for the sake of your low budget.

Currently, the wedding cost rises to more than 2 lacs which make it the most expensive life events till date. When you look around the expanses of rich people, you could find some shocking results that would definitely coerce you to browse your pocket & think of, what it means to spend excessive money on lavishing products when they can survive with the cheaper ones without facing any hassle. The difference is here which makes their wedding expensive & royal and abets them to make it memorable for their whole life. Above all these, there is a budget that obligates some people to think off spending money on their wedding despite their dreams & their status.

Cut down some of your expenses on certain fields & help yourself to celebrate your wedding that could remain in your thoughts forever. Here’s how a wedding can be made memorable, stylish & enjoyable while saving lots of money at the same time.

1Wedding Venue

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The day you finalize your wedding, the moment you start thinking of the venue where the party could be celebrated in a gargantuan manner. Most of the lavishing parties celebrated at lawns, hotels or in big gardens & this augments the cost of their wedding to a large extent. By choosing a cheaper venue, you can save lots of your money that could be utilized somewhere else to equalize the budget of your wedding celebration. Even, it will be much better to decorate the vacant area outside your house which could aid you to cut down the cost of booking a venue as well.

2Wedding Videographer & Photographer

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When you are done with the date of your wedding & the venue, you definitely want to keep the memories of your wedding which could work as a keepsake, whenever you remind of those life sweetest moments. It could be expensive to hire a photographer or a videographer as they charge heavy during the peak days. Hire those who are just about to start their business as a photographer or convince your friends or colleagues to click some photos of your marriage. Even you can hire some part-time photographers who can cover the whole celebration by charging less. ‘


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With the hike in the pricing of commodities, the cost of decorating a small area is also touching the sky, where it’s quite difficult to think of hiring a professional decorator currently. The cost of wedding rises from this section & it increases the burden of the investor to a large extent. Consider the one who is closer to you & have good terms with that person so that a lot can be saved from that part as well.


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The essence of a wedding party is missing until the celebration gets a spark of fire with the blend of old & new songs. It captures the attention of guests & gives them a moment to enjoy the party by forgetting other things running in their mind. It will be expensive to hire a professional musician, DJ or a singer, but you can take the aid of college troops, or your friends or a family member, who suppose to sing extraordinarily at the special occasions. It will lower down your burden & save lots of your money in this category as well.

5Wedding Attire

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It’s easy to stop spending on certain things which are not so crucial for survival, but when it comes to wedding attire, lots of your dreams are attached with it which you want to live it till the day expires. Fortunately, you can save money on the attire you dreamed off by shopping wisely & to stick to the budget without exceeding over.

6Wedding Jewelry

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A bride never crushes her dreams which are associated with her wedding that too when it is linked with the jewelry which she loves the most. Yes, they are expensive, but lending the jewelries from your friends or any family member could help you to restrict on your budget & to celebrate the wedding day with full enthusiasm.

The whole budget of a wedding ceremony could reach up to a certain level which can be affordable after cutting down most of the expenses. Even though you have a tight budget, you have to spend on the hospitality of your guests whom you invited to be a part of your wedding. The best you can do, the more you will be appraised by your guests & this will help you to succeed in making your wedding memorable. Save money on your wedding, as it could help you in future.