5 Rentable Items that can refuel you

5 Rentable Items that can refuel you

Rentable Items

Rentable Items

What if you cannot afford to lease your entire premises but can think of renting something out of it that is extra and only a space occupier in your house? And that you are not doing out of charity ; you can earn a decent amount out of that. Ever thought of renting your AC or Room Coolers that remain idle if you are not having enough members in your house. The first question that might arise in your mind is; why will I have extra AC if I am not having enough members in my house.There it is. Doesn’t it happen with you that when you are getting your house constructed or purchased you had a different set of mind and the you had planned everything accordingly. It might happen that the members had to shift to some other place (job calling or sudden transfer). You are not going to resell the things anyway, but you can always rent it. In a country like India where most of the year the sun seems to be sultry, people who are have become migrants because of a job that demands huge traveling, they can not afford to buy the things always because it becomes a tough task to manage it. They are the ones who are craving to have such services especially of consumer durables like AC or room coolers. It is a very wise and noble deed of you for those who cannot afford to purchase a new set.You can easily save them the pain by renting your AC or Room Coolers. It’s a good idea for not only the individuals who move from one place to another but also those who are running a start up and can’t afford to have their own AC. Those who are budding entrepreneurs , they can not always afford to have a furnished office, but the pressure of having a furnished one is always there. This service can be very tempting for them.

dress on rent, dress for rent
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Heavy Sarees, Beautiful accessories, Branded attire- This is an attraction for most of us. But are we all in a position to purchase them? Most of us may not be. How about lending and earning on attires that are just space occupiers in our wardrobe? Yes, it has become trend these days to lease the dresses for events; shows; Navratri (garba) and various occasions where you would be required to look good and different, yet at low cost. Students and even other class does appreciate this and happily purchase this service.


space on rent, office space on rent

We often come across numerous bands and orchestra groups who lack space for practice or rehearsals; especially in big cities as their practice might create disturbance and people interrupt in between. What if you are a music lover and have the interest in sharing your space (hour/day/month basis) with the upcoming band for their rehearsals. Doesn’t this sound noble? And then you are paid for it!! Who knows, one fine day you might be named as their mentor!!


house on rent, room on rent

There can be nothing like renting a house /room in a city; especially if you are lucky to have your own premises in one of the tier 1 or tier 2 cities. That’s the best usage of your investments. People these days build houses for investment purpose. They are never going to live there as they are having their own house in some other city. But this can always be a perennial source of income especially because people from semi-urban cities will never leave migrating towards such place. Easy money without much of fuss.

  1. Garage rentals
garage space on rent
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Have you come across families where the number of cars they have is as per the number of heads in the house. Where do you think are they going to accommodate them? There is always a space constraint for it, they can not afford to keep them on the road. In these cases, people who have space and can accommodate the vehicle can charge good rentals from the vehicle owners and you can always try out some car pooling with them.