A road trip to some of the mind boggling places of India...

A road trip to some of the mind boggling places of India on Bike

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A cold debate related to the road trip on the bike vs car has been swirling all time across the people which seem to be never ending. Both have their own importance and quite a good number of supporters share their feelings and I am one among them who loves to talk about this. I am crazy about bikes and I never miss a chance to take a ride on the bike whenever it happens. I would fill an urge inside you by telling you about the importance of riding bikes and what you can experience by exploring different places of India through a road trip. Riding bikes is not an uncomfortable journey instead it will abet you to make your trip memorable.

One can write unforgettable memories of road trips with the ink of their pen finishes. Even it’s possible to touch the soul of people by sharing your experience of wonderful road trips to some of the exotic places of India. If you been to Ladakh, you would’ve probably find bikers who are on their trip to different places. Most of the bike enthusiast plan to explore different destinations of India on Bike only, as they know what kind of experience they can gain from it in comparison to Cars. Riding a bike gives you a feel that you are not caged and you’re free like a bird. Being a biker I would say that a road trip on a bike would never let you down in any situation, even it will boost your moral and would energize you to live your life which you’ve never lived it before. A bikers troop passing from my side induces an urge inside me and injects a fuel on my flaming interest which coerces me to fulfill my dreams and bring out the passion which I buried somewhere deep inside me due to imprisoned life.

Bike On rent in Pune It’s common that many are there who wants to live their dreams but due to their hectic schedules and tensed life can’t able to fulfill it anytime. This is the time when you can live your life and can enjoy every moment of it by planning a road trip with your friends or colleagues on Bike. An experience of riding bikes, a sort of concentration and togetherness of your partners can take you away from all the tensions where you can enjoy the best moments of your life and nothing else. Riding a bike on a long highway will melt all your tensions and will make each and every moment of your trip an enjoyable one which you can’t recreate it if you are in a car. The feel is different and the experience you gain is something which you’ll remember for a lifetime. Some of the road trips which you’ll never forget as it could touch your soul and would take you to another level. They are:

Gangtok to Ladakh: If you never been to road trip and it is your first one, then you’ll never miss out any moment of your trip to enjoy at the highest level as the environment and nature will abet you to make it more interesting than ever. The climate would seem like touching the ground and the captivating scene of the mountains and greenery all around will add a more charm to your trip. The pauses in between the trip will aid you to capture the moments which you may recreate it again in your life. When you pass through Gangtok, nature would obligate you to feel the essence of it and till you reach Ladakh the scenery is just a breathtaking.

Mumbai to Pune: Not all people have discovered the natural view of Mumbai and Pune as there are many destinations which are still to explore and it could be done by a road trip that too on a bike. Mostly, the road trip to Lonavala is what will never let you forget. The lush green flora & the picturesque surroundings of Lonavala will calm your jittery nerves. The Mumbai-Pune expressway will never let you forget the adventurous trip that you’ve ever traveled anywhere else.

1Shimla to Manali

Recommendations are many but the way to Shimla from Manali is far hilarious than any other. If you are adventures then the road trip to Shimla to Manali would aid you to make your trip everlasting one. It would take almost 2 to 3 days to cross the rocky roads and the view of stiff mountains could add more hours to it.

2Chennai to Munnar

If you have a troop and quite a long time to spend far from your family tensions them Munnar could be the best place to respite from life and city hassles. The fresh air and the soothing environment would take you to another level and would add a meaning to your trip. The tea garden in this route will make you fall in love with it. It almost takes 10 hours to cover up the distance of 600km or even more depends on your halts.

3Delhi to Agra via Yamuna Expressway

If you are an enthusiast of driving bikes then the Yamuna Expressway would be the best location for you where you could get a stretch of 165 km which is quite enough to judge your stamina of riding bikes for such a long distance. Make sure that your bike is in good condition and an enough air pressure in your tires as it could get heated up quickly in this highway. To make your ride comfortable and to enjoy its every moment, keep delicious food items with you as you won’t find any dhabas in this expressway.

4Mumbai to Goa

Starting from Mumbai you won’t find too much fun in the pathway but as soon as you come closer to Goa you could feel gorgeous look and the change in climate. Goa is one of the finest holiday destinations of India and the trip to it via road on a bike will shorter your words which you want to express. Try to leave Mumbai at the morning hours and reach Goa before the party begins. The journey to Goa from Mumbai can help you to make it memorable as you won’t find any jerks on the highway & you can feel refreshed even you ride for more than 10 hours a day. Bike on rent in Goa is the long running service which helps the people to explore its different destinations easily.

5Delhi to Shimla

Somewhere in my thoughts, I have a deep feeling that I am riding on the hillside and clicking images with my friends or colleagues. Wondering that I can do it or not. Well, if you are an enthusiast of riding bikes then you can probably do it and can make it possible at the instant. The hilltop view and the chilly winds will touch your hair and your soul, which is an experience that you desire The Grand Trunk Road from Delhi can take you away from the dissonance of the city and would give you an opportunity to spend your weekend calmly but don’t miss to add the MASTI in it for which you have chosen the road trip.

People are still in a muddle about the consequences of road trips as they find it little perilous when they think about it. But, the road trips are much safer and interesting. Even it abets you to come across some of the most adventurous trips during the whole journey that might have seen on the TVs.