Five iconic bike trips you can take this monsoon if you are...

Five iconic bike trips you can take this monsoon if you are in Pune

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Monsoon is the season which gives us relief from the hot days of summer. The day it starts raining till it stops gives us a calm feeling and respites us from what we have faced in the past few months. When the first droplet of water touches the land it starts giving a smell of wet soil which is a feeling beyond description. The lush green gardens and the cool mountainous sceneries speak out a soft word about its beauty in this season. It looks soothing to view that nature itself is talking about its beauty and moves down to touch the feet of our motherland. The picturesque surrounding and the soul touching scenes of highways would coerce you to pack your bags and start your journey at the moment. This is the time when the passion of bikers can be seen on the highways & can be analyzed how much aficionado they have to make their voyage memorable.

Oh! Being a biker and an enthusiast of modern bikes, I can say that those who love to travel far-flung places would love Monsoon to start their journey and to make it memorable for their whole life. Bikes that are of high power like the Royal Enfield and other mountain bikes are mostly being used by the bikers to make their trip hassle free. A story has been depicted online where you can read about their experience and the fun & enjoyment they have done during their voyage. Every story will touch your soul and would coerce you to plan a road trip to holiday destinations that too on a bike, not on any other vehicle.

Let me start with a city which most of the people are affectionate about these days. It is none other than PUNE. You might have imaginations in your mind when I talked about Pune. It’s obvious that a sharp image has been formed in your mind when anybody talks about bike trips via Pune to some of the mind boggling destinations that you might have visited in your life.
Riding bikes and traveling to long distances with your friends or colleagues would be the happiest moment that you can’t ever think of. Some of the finest road trips on bikes that would help you to know what experience the bikers gain while they cross the places which are close to nature.


Lonavala & Khandala are two of the beautiful places which must be visited if you been to Pune anytime. The highways of Pune are well maintained and they are clean which could comfort you while driving towards these wonderful places. While traveling towards Lonavala and Khandala, you would come across some of the heartwarming places that would compel you to capture it in your camera.
The ride through the curve highways of mountains would give a thrilling experience, but the view of greenery all around you will give you a calm feeling and the hilly resorts will aid you to enjoy the essence of the dark night with twinkling stars in the sky. The 70 kms voyage to Lonavala & Khandala from Pune is full of adventures which will give you the experience to enjoy your road trip at the extreme. If you want a break from the busy and hasty life of Pune city, then Lonavala & Khandala would be the finest destination for you to make yourself relax for some time.

2Pune to Lavasa

If you move to the west of Pune, you would find a place named Lavasa which comes in the limelight after the planning of constructing the whole city over the hills. The architectural work and the resemblance of Italian touch in the construction make it different from others. This attracts the people towards Lavasa and even the coloring of houses is unique which gives it a perfect look for the tourist over there. The whole trip to Lavasa is full of adventures & the complete 60 kms journey would make you feel that you reached to some of the beautiful location of another planet.

3Pune to Mahabaleshwar

A 125 kms long journey to Mahabaleshwar from Pune is completely full of adventures. Situated above 4400 feet, this place is known for hill station and Hindu pilgrimage as well. The road trip to Mahabaleshwar is thrilling as you have to cross a wildlife sanctuary named Koyna. The view is very scenic and the drive towards the resorts of hill station of Mahabaleshwar will aid you to take rest for some time staying away from all the tensions of your life.

4Pune to Matheran

If you are feeling melancholy and want some changes in your life, then a road trip on a bike would be the best experience to forget all your sorrows within a while. Not as much far from Pune, a drive of 125 kms towards North-West to Matheran would change your temperament to a huge extent. Driving a bike on the long highways, free from all tensions and the company of your friends, all these make the journey more joyous than you’ve ever imagined of.
A drive to the small hill station of India will never make you down, as every spot in the pathway of your ride augments your interest to move further and to add another experience in your life. The scenic view of the forest and the British architecture would compel you to park your bike and to capture some snaps of the beautiful location. The panoramic view of nature’s beauty would make your road trip to Matheran successful.

5Pune- Khadakwasla Dam

An hour journey from Pune, a well-maintained spot for the Puneries to hang out. It has been said that, if you want to hang out with your friends or with your love, then Khadakwasla would be the finest place to visit. A stream of Chat stalls, bhelpuri and bhuttas will never make you feel hungry and the ride of Camels will make your evening joyous.
If you want to have some fun with your friends and colleagues, then a bike ride towards Khadakwasla from Pune would best for some time. Many tourist destinations are close to Khadakwasla which would be a stop point for the Punekers. Khadakwasla Dam is one the best spot for hanging out at the eves. You can plan for a picnic with your loved ones in Khadakwasla as it would just take an hour to reach. The voyage is short, but the experience of a road trip in bikes is just awesome.

Are you in a temperament to move out on your bike with your troop? Don’t wait for the right moment as you can make it at the instant. With the availability of rental bikes in Pune and in nearby areas, you can plan your voyage to the above-mentioned locations and even somewhere else as well if you have the enthusiast to do it. Its irksome task to find a bike on rent when you are in a hurry, but the availability of rental bike service providers in India would aid you out at each point. So, if you are not a biker just because you don’t have a bike to plan your road trip, you must check the best rental classified site which is providing the complete details of rental bikes available in your locality. Being a dweller of Pune, you must move out with your packed bags at this weekend for a wonderful road trip. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy your road trip to the fullest.