Get Everything On Rent at

Get Everything On Rent at

Everything on rent

Rent2cash is an online platform where advertisements for renting are put up. The entities for rent include apartments, vehicles, electronics as well as services. Artists and job seekers can also post themselves to be hired. The website has filters that can help you easily find stuff in a particular area.

Raipur, Chattisgarh, February 5, 2015: Rent2cash is a new website in the Indian virtual space that is gathering clout due to its a novel idea. The website is basically a community where various entities are up for renting. So whether you are looking to rent a flat, a bike, a camera, or almost anything else, you can find it here. Apart from tangible items, there are artists, consultancies, and job-skills for hire as well.

A spokesperson for the firm says, “There are many websites in India at present that allow people to post ads for used items. But there was no such thing for those who wanted to rent stuff. Our website is built on that need in the market.”

She further says, “The main aim behind our website is to offer a platform where people can offer services and those who need them can view what options they have. We want to give space where people can easily contact each other and connect for business. Many times, people who have to stay temporarily at a place need essentials that are not practical to buy for a short while. In such cases, if they know where to rent it, it is a lot of help. On the other hand, people who are not using a particular item can earn money by letting someone else do it.”

The website of Chattisgarh based firm allows people from all over the country to search stuff according to states and neighborhoods. On the website, you will find pictures of items to be rented and the contact details of the owner. It is up to the owners to put up actual pictures or disclose prices on the website as many owners prefer talking about money in private. You will also find several tips for renting authentic products. There is a rating system that allows you to express your opinion about a particular entry.

Everything on rent

Rent2cash is a website where people can find almost anything to rent. Advertisements for various items for rent are posted and one sift through them with the search bars. The kind of entities available here range from bikes to flats. Job skills, artists, services on rent can also be posted here.

You can find Rent2cash on social media too. They are present on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ as well.