Planning to rent a partywear dress? Find out the top 7 things...

Planning to rent a partywear dress? Find out the top 7 things to check before renting a party dress in Mumbai

Party Wear Dresses on Rent

Renting a dress for a party can be easy, but you should do a little research beforehand to ensure you get the best deal. Research is also important to know the pros and cons of renting a dress and to avoid paying any extra amount.

1Compare prices online 

Visiting different rental websites like Quickr, OLX, Rent2cash, Hauterfly, Stage 3 etc. is useful in finding the appropriate party dress. In addition to this, you must find the best deal in your location and the period of time for which you will need the rental. Compare the rates in different websites and chose the one most suitable.

2Consider the size

The process of renting a dress is sometimes full of surprising requirements. The size can vary from small to medium and medium to large. Consulting the rental agent and trying before renting are steps to ensure that the size is going to fit you. The prices may differ according to the size.

3Decide on the type of party wear

These might include sarees, lehengas, gowns, salwar kameez, waistcoat, shirts, T-shirts, pants, etc. There are a variety of party dresses available online. You should be able to choose the one which suits and reflects the party or festival you are going to attend. Choose the color that will match the party or the festive occasion that you will attend. Use vibrant colors for marriages and festivals. On the other hand use gray or dark colors for other parties.

4Inspect for previous damage

You must make sure to inspect the dress thoroughly before taking it for rent. You wouldn’t want to be held responsible for existing damage. Inspection is necessary to check for any tears, spots or scratches on the dress. Don’t be in a hurry and rush through the process. Take this step seriously.

5Hidden Fees 

Most rental bookings are done online, so take a printed copy of your booking agreement to the rental agency when you pick up your dress. Companies may try to add extra fees or sell you additional services or protections, but with your printed agreement in your hand, you can make sure they stick to the original price.

6Company Policy

You should read the company’s policies clearly before renting a Dress. Most of the well-known companies have their websites. Go through their different packages. Check out company’s daily or weekly rates for different party dresses. Often people don’t read the terms and conditions carefully and it brings them a lot of trouble. Know the rules, policies and terms and conditions to be on the safe side. Believe everyone but stay alert and very cautious so that any unfortunate incident may not cause trouble while you are enjoying your party in Mumbai.

7Return on time

You may be surprised to learn that you could be charged extra for returning your rental Dress early. Bringing the Dress material back ahead of time, or later than agreed upon, could result in additional fees. If you predict a change in return time, ask the rental agent for the company policy.
Follow these easy tips next time you rent a party dress to save money and make sure you have an easy and hassle-free celebration.