Things to check before renting a bike in Goa

Things to check before renting a bike in Goa

Things to check before renting a bike in Goa
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Goa is one of the wonderful places of India which you must explore for once in your life. Though other places are beautiful, but the charm of Goa & its culture will make you fall in love with it. Boozing & dancing on the beats of western music around the sea shore; well describes Goa & its beautiful vicinity. The only way to explore the whole city without thinking about your budget is bikes. Goa is popularly known for its beaches, pubs & picturesque destinations that call the people to experience it for once in their life.
Apart from the beaches which are the soul of Goa city, the cuisines will give you a mouth-watering taste & the beautiful destinations that depict the culture of Goa will obligate you to be a part of this city. The whole city can be explored in bikes and I would tell you everything about the rental bikes & what you must consider while renting it in this city. There are many options that can help you to witness the beauty of Goa, but only a few can be liberating. It’s obvious that you don’t want to face the crowd of buses or the irritation of the private car rentals drivers who has been hired for a limited time period. Goa offers an alluring facility of bike rental which can help you to explore the whole city by your own.
Self-driving bike and cars would give you the freedom to discover the best places of this city which you choose as per your convenience. The moment you rent a bike the instant you can drive on the highways which could help you to conquer the whole city. The easiness in getting a rental bike in Goa helps the tourists to explore this beautiful city for which they stepped in by traveling long distance.

There are some things that you must check while renting a bike in Goa which would help you to stay away from all the difficulties that most of the tourists faces. Some of them are:

1Check your requirement

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The popularity of Goa bike rental services offers huge convenience to the people in renting a bike of their desire.  The availability of scooter on rent, bike on rent, activa on rent & moped on rent sometimes creates confusion in the minds of people which to opt for & which will be more convenient than other. Some of them rent a self-drive car as well which generates an option for a big family to explore the whole city without any difficulty. At this moment, you must check your requirement & go with the best one that meets your requirement and provide you comfort while your ride.

2Bike Condition

No one will make you aware of the condition of the rental bikes or cars, as the rental service providers are there for the purpose of earning. You must check the condition of the vehicle you’re renting prior finalizing the deal. All you know about a vehicle could help you to pick the best one to provide huge console on your ride.

3Type of the bike or car

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Many of the tourists didn’t bother about the type of bike or car they are renting, but it holds huge importance as it shows a fluctuation in the pricing of the vehicle you’re renting. If you rent a commercial bike then you may have to pay a bit more than the private bikes. It’s easy to recognize the commercial bikes as their number plate has been painted yellow in color which differentiates them from the private bikes whose number plate are painted white. The commercial bikes in Goa are usually called as bike taxis which are going out of fashion these days.

4Kind of Accessory is been provided with Bike?

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While renting a bike or a scooty in Goa, you must check whether you have been provided with the complete accessories of it or not. As a helmet is compulsory to wear while riding a bike in Goa whose violation or ignoring the rules of traffic could compel you to pay a huge fine for it. Even you must check whether you have been provided a duplicate key for the rental bike or not, as it can help you to come out from a situation where one key is lost accidently.


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The fluctuation in the pricing of rental bikes in Goa would shock you at the moment. As there are many bike and car rental service providers in Goa; you must compare the pricing individually or can take the assistance of a rental classified site to get a rough idea quickly. Let me give you some Pricing ideas of bikes on rent in Goa.

There are immense brands that will put you in turmoil while choosing a bike. Though, you can rent a bike in the range of Rs.300 to Rs.1500 as per the variants of it. It won’t exceed as it help the tourists to make it a budget trip & plan for the next trip as well. However, the pricing of the bikes depends on the variants & the season on which you are renting it.

During the peak season, the rental cost of bikes like Bajaj Pulsar, Avenger & other goes high where you have to pay more than Rs. 800 a day whereas the midsection bikes like Scooty, Activa & Moped would cost you Rs. 500 a day & nearby it.

In the off-season, you could save some of your money in bike rentals, as the prices goes down suddenly & would offer you the cheapest price that will make you smile instantly. The rates just cut down to half compared to the peak season & would easily available in any locality of Goa city.

Things to check before renting a bike in Goa
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Deposit is also another aspect of Pricing which you need to look after, Renting a bike or a car in Goa is not a big difficulty, but the deposit amount of the rented vehicle could compel you to think about it. Though the car & bike rental service providers won’t compel you to pay a huge amount as deposit, you must check the services of each provider by taking the help of a rental site to get the result quickly. This would help you to choose the best bike rental service provider of Goa easily.

6Rental Business Owner Behavior

No one likes to deal with an irritating person when he/she is out on a holiday trip. You must analyze the behavior of the owner of the rental bike or car prior renting it. Argue amid the renter & the owner of the vehicle starts from its pricing & it ignites so fast that it becomes quarrel after some time. So, try to search for the person who is humble in nature & loves peace.

7Bike Documents

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There are many bike rental service providers in Goa where you can’t find the one who is phony. So you must check the complete documents of the car or bike you are renting. You must check these papers & their validity.
An RC Book must be there with the vehicle which tells the name of the real owner of the bike & the registration date of it. It helps to keep you safe from the traffic police of Goa who is very strict regarding this.
The rental bike must be insured & it should have legal Insurance Papers which can justify it. If any accident occurs while riding, you can get the claim for the damage occurred to the bike. It’s important.
These are some of the crucial things that must be checked while renting a bike or car in Goa city. Hopefully, it’ll help you to pick the right & good condition bike & can make your Goa trip interesting. Explore Goa on bikes as it’s the best way to have fun & enjoy in this city.