Things to Check Before Taking a Car on Rent

Things to Check Before Taking a Car on Rent

Renting a car

As the world is becoming a smaller place, and the boundaries are diminishing, people all over the world have shown keen interest in traveling. People are now willing to travel to unconventional places and explore sites that were earlier unheard of. They have also now started planning their own travels and are no longer dependent on tours and travel companies to tell them where to go.

Even the people who are willing to commute within their city for daily work have become more self-reliant and less dependent on public transportation or cabs. An emerging trend among these people is rental cars. They now just rent cars according to their requirement and convenience whenever they want.

This has simplified the lives of many. But, it is to be remembered that a car is but a machine. Therefore, in order to experience seamless and comfortable driving, it necessary that we check the car thoroughly before renting it. Following is a checklist of all the aspects that need to be looked over while taking a car on rent.

  • The basic working:

First and foremost, it is essential to check the basic working of the vehicle. The brakes should be in good working condition. The levers in the vehicle, the gear-stick and the handbrake, should be properly functional, and should neither be too hard or too loose. This will ensure the safety of the driver while driving and avoid any accidents.

Renting a car

  • Seat belts:

It is absolutely necessary for a driver to check that the seat belts are properly installed, because driving without seat belts can prove to be dangerous.

Renting a car

  • Airbags:

Statistics suggest that hundreds of deaths caused in road accidents are due to the absence of airbags in cars. An absence of an air bag can be detrimental in case of a mishap. Ensure that the car you are renting has functional air bags, for your safety and of your dear ones traveling with you.

Renting a car, car on rent

  • Spare tire:

If you are planning to undertake a long journey, make sure that your rental car comes with a spare tire. You wouldn’t want to be stranded with a punctured tire in the middle of nowhere.

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  • Fuel tank:

The fuel level should be noted down, as most of the people who give car on rent require that the car be returned to them at the same level of fuel as it was during the time of renting.

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  • Fluid Levels:

Check the level of various fluids in the car, such as the brake fluid, windshield water fluid or air in tires, to ensure that they are at an optimum level.

  • Air conditioning/ heating system:

You might want to ensure that the air conditioning or heating system is working properly in the car, for a comfortable ride even in extreme weathers.

Renting a car, car on rent

  • Scratches and dents on the exterior of the car:

The body of the car should be carefully scanned for any pre-existing scratches or dents in the car, and these should be made a note of. Upon return of the car, a full scan of the car is done by the people giving their cars, and if there are any scratches or dents unnoticed by both the parties earlier, the customer is held responsible for the same. So make sure that you and the other party are aware of those prior to renting.

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Renting a car for convenience can be unpleasant if the necessary measures are not carried out to check the car beforehand. So confirm that you are fully aware about the vehicle before you take it on the road.  Be sure, be safe.